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Which formula is this based on?

Based on the latest one that was updated in the 2.2.0 patch.  It is:

X = Rating and Y = Points.
If X>1500: Y =1511.26/(1+1639.28*e-0.00412*X)
If X<=1500: Y = 0.22*X+14

Why did I make this?

I was bored.  Plain and simple.

How is it done?

Well anyone can just view the source code.  Nothing great but simple old Javascript with some math.  The Points to Rating formula was reworked by a guildmate, name is Avolade.

Why the ads?

Stuff costs money.  Not free to have this up.  If you mean why the gold ads?  Talk to Google about that..  It is kind of hard to filter them all, unfortunatly. I'm trying.

Who are you?

My handle is kicknit.  I play on Uther (US) under Fri, a level 70 rogue that is in Ascendance.

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